All of our products are sold with roots cut to eliminate a step and to save time in the kitchen. Our products are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and carefully packaged for use, often on the same day or as soon as you want them. You can depend on the freshest quality lettuces and herbs from StoneCreek Hydroponics.

We will soon be offering a line of hydroponically grown Microgreens. Visit us again soon!

StoneCreek Hydroponics is audited annually and currently complies with all sustainable agriculture, food safety, and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certifications required by PRO*ACT.

Hydro Bibb
Hydro Bibb - Bibb lettuce, also known as Boston or butter head lettuce is leafy with a distinctive buttery flavor and crunchy texture. Best eaten fresh. This lettuce grows very well in hydroponic gardens.
Red Oak Leaf
Red Oak Leaf - Similar to green leaf, red leaf lettuce has large, loose heads and thick leaves that appear to be crumpled. The color of its leaves is usually medium to dark-red. In addition to making a great choice for fine salads, it offers many health benefits.
Green Oak Leaf
Green Oak Leaf - Green leaf lettuce has broad, curly leaf varieties with a delicate flavor and a mildly crispy texture. The shape of this looseleaf lettuce's leaves are similar to that of the oak tree.
Leaf Lettuce
Leaf Lettuce - Any variety with leaves that loosely fan out from their stalks. Crispy leaves are often textured and provide a more satisfying flavor than head lettuces. Colors often range from light to very green; others may be red.
Arugula - Arugula's delightfully pungent leaves is a perennial favorite in Italian cooking. It’s delicious zesty, peppery flavor combines well with salads, pesto, and soups, and offers antioxidants as well as many other nutritional benefits.
Spring Mix
Spring Mix - Our Spring Mix includes hydro Bibb, red oak leaf, green leaf green romaine and red romaine lettuces and are packaged in large boxes for foodservice industry applications.
Green Romaine
Green Romaine - Green romaine, or cos lettuce as it is also called, is a large leafy lettuce. It's more stiff than most lettuces and its thick rib offers it a crunchy bite. The rib is slightly bitter, however, many people love the texture it adds to salads.
Watercress - Fast-growing watercress is one of the oldest known leaf vegetables. A member of the cabbage family, it offers a peppery, tangy flavor and significant levels of iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins A and C.
Red Hydro Bibb
Red Hydro Bibb - Superior visual appeal and strong flavor and texture is offered by this broad-leaf lettuce with wavy leaves. Leaves may be tinted with a deep burgundy mixed with gold colors.